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Scientific Knowledge

Atomic Structure, Periodicity, and Matter
1. Development of the Atomic Theory (Available for preview)
2. The Structure of the Atom
3. The Periodic Table
4. Quantum Mechanics Part I
5. Quantum Mechanics Part II
6. The Nucleus and Nuclear Reactions
7. Review

Chemical Naming and Structure

Reactions and Reactivity
1. Classifying Chemical Reactions and Predicting Products
2. Types of Chemical Equations
3. The Mole
4. Chemical Calculations and Yields (Available for preview)
5. Kinetics
6. Oxidation and Reduction
7. Cell Potential, Electric Work, and Free Energy
8. Energy, Work and Heat Flow
9. Hess’s Law and Gibbs Free Energy
10. Le Châtelier’s Principle and Equilibrium Constants
11. Review

Gas Laws and Solutions

Organic Chemistry
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