Practice Test Scores - How do they translate to the PTK exam?

I got a 52/80 (65%) on practice exam #1 and a 58/80 (72%) on practice exam #2. I was a little bit surprised on the first one, but after remediating on Bloom's Taxonomy and other problem areas, I thought I would do better on the second practice exam. I will continue to study, but I'm a little nervous because I plan to take the PTK exam in about a month. How do the practice exams compare to the real thing?

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This is a topic I have

This is a topic I have always been wondering about. Does anyone else have any input on how they did on the practice exams compared to the real thing. I only took the first practice exam and got a 64% I was completely shocked! I have been studying more and I want to save the last practice exam until I feel like I could do my best. I hate that theses things are waited scores. I hope that I could get at least an 80% on my last one I think I will feel more confident then and able to schedule the test

@phillipn Frankly, I found

Frankly, I found much of the online lesson material to be irrelevant. I've been teaching math and science in private schools for 12 years with a BS Engineering degree (but not with a subject-area certification), so I have lots of classroom experience. Even so, I found many quiz answers to be counter-intuitive. I was frustrated at first, since I seemed to score 60 or 70% on the practice quizzes. I thought many quiz questions had TWO correct answers, and choosing between them seemed like guessing. The Video on MC tests helped me to zero in on the better choice. The best preparation, I think, is to take all the practice quizzes several times. When you miss a question, read carefully what made your answer wrong. Take notes on these explanations, and study them. I also recommended reading The First Days of School by Harry Wong. (Look for a used copy on amazon or His philosophy seems to be mirrored in many of the test questions, and the book is an easy read. Also, study Bloom's taxonomy (google it), and make note of the verbs used for each stage of learning. Several test questions ask you to sequence learning activities or to correlate a classroom activity with a stage of learning.

I bought the ABCTE enhanced add-on package (the extra quizzes were thrown in at no extra cost), which I recommend. The more quizzes you see, the better prepared you'll be for the actual test. I saw only a handful of questions that were new to me on test day.

Now to find a job - which may be the hard part of my journey. I live in a a rural county with only three small high schools. I'm praying for a very high rate of pregnancy among math teachers this summer...

@ meganderson: What did you

@ meganderson: What did you study to do so well?

How much of the information provided in the "Prepare to Teach Workshops: Lessons" is relevant. Is that just a starting place or will studying that get me pretty far into what I need to know?

Honestly, I thought the real

Honestly, I thought the real exam was much more difficult than the practice exams. The answers are more in a gray area whereas the practice exams are essentially right or wrong for the most part. When it comes to taking the actual exam, I would suggest you think back to the teachers you had, the good teachers, and consider the practices they used when you were a student. If you put yourself in that situation where you imagine yourself as the student and try to recall what your teachers did, that will help you to choose the best possible answer. Good luck!

Where is the video on taking

Where is the video on taking the MC test?

From your account page,

From your account page, click on the "Orientation, Study, & Test Readiness" tab in the "Program Information" box near the top of the page. You'll then see four video options. They are all worth watching, but the MC and the Writing videos are invaluable, in my opinion.

They are very similar, in my

They are very similar, in my experience. I think your scores put you right on the edge of passing, but it could go either way. I suggest you study WHY your wrong answers were wrong - read the explanations in detail - so you don't make the same errors again. Make notes and study them, then take the practice tests again. I passed the PTK handily, but was averaging around 90% on practice quizzes by that point. Also, watch the video on taking the MC test. It has several tips for choosing the better of two answers that both appear to be correct.

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