How it Works in Mississippi

To use the ABCTE program to obtain a teaching certificate in Mississippi, you will:

1. Complete ABCTE’s certification program

    a. Certificate should be used within 3 years
    b. ABCTE certificate is used in step 2 below

Mississippi Department of Education Requirements for using the ABCTE certificate ( )

1. Obtain a teaching position in a Mississippi school

2. Apply to MS Department of Education for a One-Year Alternate (non-renewable) Route License

3. Complete one year mentoring program. Mentoring programs are offered at no cost by most MS school districts

4. Complete one of the following:

a. The MS Department of Education 8-week online training (free)
b. The MS Alternate Path to Quality Teachers 3-week summer training offered through 5 MS community colleges
c. 6 hrs of initial graduate-level university courses(Classroom Management, Tests and Measurements)

5. Apply for a Five-Year Alternate Route License